Sl.NoYearSeasonTitleDetail Of TechnologyResultNo Of Farmer InvolvedImage
1 2018-19kharifAssessment of BPH tolerant rice varietiesTO1-Rice variety- Pratikshya, Medium bold grain, duration -135 days TO2-Rice variety- Hasanta, Small bold grain, white kernel, Duration -145 days FP- 37q/ha TO1-40q/ha TO2-48q/ha 7
2 2018-19kharifAssessment of integrated weed management in direct seeded riceTO1 -Pyrazosulfuron Ethyl 10%WP @ 200 g/ha at 3DAS TO2 -Pre emergence application of Pendimethalin 30 % EC @ 1.0 kg a.i –ha at 1-3 DAS followed by early post emergence application of Bispyribac-sodium 10% SC @25g a.i –ha at 7-10 DAS followed by post emergence application of Ready-Mix (Chlorimuron Ethyl + Metsulfuron Methyl) @ 4 g a.i –ha at 30 DAS followed by one hand weeding at 60 DAS FP- 22q/ha TO1-25q/ha TO2-29q/ha7
3 2018-19kharifAssessment of mulching in TomatoTO1 - Use of black polythene (30 Micron) TO2 -Use of silver black polythene (30 Micron ) TO1- 321q/ha TO2-376q/ha TO3-398q/ha7
4 2018-19RabiAssessment of Low Cost artificial Ripening process in BananaTO1 -7.5 m.l of Etheral per 10 l of water for dipping of 1q of banana TO2 -2 ml Etheral per every 1 cu.mt. room size + 0.25 g NaOH per every 1 ml ethrel used is kept in a container. In every cu.mt. room size, 200-250 kg Banana is kept 18-24 hours of exposure in air tight chamber and shifted to ambient temperature for completing the ripening process Duration of ripening (days) FP- 3 TO1-2 TO2-2 7
5 2018-19RabiAssessment of hydroponic fodder for dairy animalsTO1 -Hydroponic cereal (Maize) fodder cultivation TO2 -Hydroponic legume (Greengram) fodder cultivation Milk yield per month/animal in ltr. FP-146 TO1-150 TO2-1527
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