Sl.NoYearSeasonTitleDetail Of TechnologyResultNo Of Farmer InvolvedImage
1 2018-19kharifAssessment of BPH tolerant rice varietiesTO1-Rice variety- Pratikshya, Medium bold grain, duration -135 days TO2-Rice variety- Hasanta, Small bold grain, white kernel, Duration -145 days TO1-40q/ha TO2-48q/ha 7
2 2017-18kharifAssessment of Tomato variety Lakshmi Arka Rakshak and Arka Samrat in kharif seasonTO1: Variety- Lakshmi TO2: Arka Rakshak TO3: Arka Samrat (Soil application of azotobacter @5 kg/ha &PSB @5 kg/ha along with soil test based fertilizer application) TO1 - 335 q/ha TO2- 432 q/ha TO3- 445 q/ha 13
3 2017-18kharifAssessment on performance of papaya varietiesTO1:Cultivation of local variety TO2: Papaya variety- Binayak TO3: Papaya Variety- Red Lady TO1:12 kg/plant TO2:21 kg/plant TO3:25 kg/plant (1st plucking)13
4 2017-18kharifAssessment of probiotic supplementation on performance of poultryTO1- No feeding of probiotic TO2- Probiotic feeding TO3- Probiotic feeding along with deworming TO1- 0.7 kg/bird/ TO2- 1.2 kg/bird TO3- 1.5kg/bird (Duration 4 month) 13
5 2016-17kharifAssessment of tissue culture banana varieties:T1-Champa ,T2-Grand Naine, T3-Dwarf Cavendish (Common OFT)TO1-Cultivation of banana variety Champa TO2-Cultivation of banana variety Grand -naine with recommended cultural practices TO3-Cultivation of banana variety Dwarf cavendis with recommended cultural practices TO1-360q/ha TO2-637q/ha TO3-588q/ha8
6 2016-17kharifStandardization of planting time of Kharif Onion TO1-Cultivation of Onion variety – Bhima Super, Planting time- October TO2-Cultivation of Onion variety – Bhima Super, Planting time-November TO3-Cultivation of Onion variety – Bhima Super, Planting time- December TO1-313q/ha TO2-276q/ha TO3-267q/ha 13
7 2015-16kharifAssessment of Nutrient Management in BrinjalBio-fertilizer azotobacter , azospirillum and PSB @ 2.5 kg./ ha. each, soil application of borax 10 kg. per ha. and recommended dose of FYM. Yield-340q/ha13
8 2015-16kharifAssessment of Sulphur application in Groundnut.Application of Sulphur at basal dose in soil @ 45 kg./ha with soil test based fertilizer application Yield-14.2q/ha13
9 2015-16RabiAssessment of nutrient management in CauliflowerFoliar spray of boron (Albore) @ 2 gm./ litre at in 15 days interval for 2 times after 30 days and 45 days of planting, FYM 5 ton per ha, soil test based NPK application Yield-260q/ha13
10 2015-16RabiAssessment of Bio-fertilizer application in TomatoApplication of Bio-fertilizer like Azotobactor, Azospirillum, PSB @ 2.5 kg. each/ ha. with application of RDF . Yield-320q/ha13
11 2015-16RabiAssessment of tissue culture Banana varietiesCultivation of banana variety Grand -Naine with recommended cultural practicesYield-750q/ha5
12 2015-16kharifAssessment of Cultivation of Late Kharif OnionNursery raising in the month of August - September. Transplanting in the month of October – December and harvesting in the month of February – March. Crop geometry- 15 X 10 cm.) Yield-357q/ha5
13 2015-16RabiAssessment of Low Cost Ripening process of Banana2 ml Ethrel per every 1 cu.mt. room size + 0.25 g NaOH per every 1 ml ethrel used is kept in a container. In every cu.mt. room size, 200-250 kg Banana is kept 18-24 hours of exposure in air tight chamber and shifted to ambient temperature for completing the ripening process.Uniform ripening and more sweetness. 5
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