Sl.NoYearSeasonTitleDetail Of TechnologyResultNo Of Farmer InvolvedImage
1 2019-20kharifAssessment of herbicides for weed management in transplanted riceTechnology option-I (TO-I) Pre émergence application of herbicide (Bensulfuron methyl 0.6%+ Pretilachlor 6.0%) at the rate 10 kg/ha at 4 DAT Technology option-II (TO-II) Application of pendimethalin at the rate 750 g/ha as pre-emergence application i.e 0-3 DAT followed by Bispyribac sodium at the rate 25 g/ha as post-emergence i.e 25 DAT FP-34q/ha TO1-41q/ha To2-45q/ha7
2 2019-20kharifAssessment of BPH tolerant rice varieties TO1-Hasanta,146 days duration, Avg. yield: 3.9 t/ha, tolerant to BPH, WBPH, Blast, Leaf folder TO2-CR dhan 300 ,140 days duration, Avg . yield: 4.5 t/ha, tolerant to BPH FP-38q/ha TO1-52q/ha TO2-46q/ha7
3 2019-20RabiAssessment of stress tolerant poultry breeds in backyardFP- Rearing of local non-descript chicken,TO1-Rearing of low input type poultry breed-Kadaknath, attain body weight at 20 weeks 1170 gms, average annual egg production 190, production parameters show tolerance to acute stress conditions,TO2-Rearing of low input type poultry breed-Asee l, attain body weight of 2.2 kg at 4 months , average annual egg production 150, tolerance to acute stress conditions FP-1.6 kg TO1-2.7 kg TO2-2.2 kg (Body wt. /4Month/Bird) 7
4 2019-20RabiAssessment of high yielding species of oyster mushroom in extreme cold (below 200 C)TO1:Cultivation with sp. Pleurotusflorida, Below 200C TO2: Cultivation with sp. Hyspigygusulmarius Below 200Csp. Hyspigygusulmarius Below 200C gives 2.1 kg per bed with a B.C ratio of 5.25 7
5 2018-19kharifAssessment of BPH tolerant rice varietiesTO1-Rice variety- Pratikshya, Medium bold grain, duration -135 days TO2-Rice variety- Hasanta, Small bold grain, white kernel, Duration -145 days FP- 37q/ha TO1-40q/ha TO2-48q/ha 7
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